Senior Pet / Quality of life / Grief:

ASPCA Animal Poison Control – a fantastic resource for information on toxic items to pets (plants, foods, medications). They also have a 24/7 hotline that is an amazing resource for clients and veterinarians. There is a $65 consultation fee – but it may save you a trip to the vet; or when veterinary care is needed, they will serve as an invaluable resource to the treating veterinarian giving advice on how to treat, etc… This service is FREE to pets with current Home Again microchips.

Veterinary Oral Health Council – a list of approved products by the VOHC for maintaining your pets dental health.

Companion Animal Parasite Council – Parasite (internal and external) information and guidelines for pets.

Healthy Pets/Healthy People – CDCs info page on pets and people. - Send them photos of ticks you've found and they'll help identify them and then you can use to the tick you've found to see if it harbors potentially infectious diseases such as Lyme.

Cornell Feline Health Center - Feline Health Topics

Veterinary Partner - a wealth of knowledge and resources for pet owner on numerous disease topics and conditions.