Leslie Carroll Vet Technician

Leslie Carroll, LVT - Treatment Manager - 

 Leslie has always had a passion for animals. While getting her BS in biology at JMU, she decided the veterinary field was where she would like to be. It was while working in the field after graduating from JMU in 2005 that she decided she wanted to be a veterinary technician. She completed her degree in veterinary technology at NVCC in 2009. Leslie worked with Dr. Gloor while in technician school, and loves being a part of CAC. She is our lead LVT and oversees training of our assistants and technicians and management of the treatment area. Her professional interests include pain management, dental health, nutrition, and hospice care. She lives in Vienna with her husband, adorable son, 2 cats and a dog named Weebles. In her spare time she enjoys crocheting, crafts and hiking.

Notable qualities: Knows everything about everything, is an incredibly gifted teacher, keeps the back of the hospital running smoothly, tolerates Alex's bad puns.

Samantha Hunley Vet Technician

Samantha Hunley, LVT - Samantha is a native of Alexandria, VA. She loves all animals, big and small, and decided to make it into a career. After graduating high school, she attended Northern Virginia Community College Veterinary Technology program and graduated in 2012. She has worked with both Dr. Ungerer and Dr. Gloor before and during LVT school and is excited to be working with them again! She enjoys reading, hiking, watching football (Go Saints!) and spending time with family. She lives in Maryland with her boyfriend, a cat (Oreo), a bloodhound (Gunner) and an adorable tripod (Nugget) she adopted from the AWLA shelter after Dr. Gloor & Ungerer amputated her very diseased leg. 

Sam is also very serious...seriously AWESOME! She goes above and beyond for her patients and our clients and has a patient memory like an elephant - she never forgets anyone.

Alex Leslie, LVT & "Official" Clinic Photographer - Originally a VCU art school graduate, Alex made the jump into veterinary medicine after spending many years working in dog rescue. She previously worked in a 24 hour ER facility and high volume spay/neuter clinic. She started working with CAC during an internship for her LVT program, and wasn't allowed to leave afterwards.  Alex graduated from NVCC's LVT program in May of 2016. She is currently pursuing a veterinary technician specialization in Behavior.  In her free time, Alex enjoys reading, hiking, practicing yoga, and running her personal photography business. She currently lives in Alexandria with the love of her life - her American Staffordshire Terrier, Frankie.

As part of her "Official" clinic photographer duties - she diligently snaps shots daily of clinic snuggles, and keeps our social media up to date. She is also in charge of bad puns.

Darby McCracken, LVT - Darby served in the United States Marine Corps for 4 years where she was stationed in San Diego, Ca and worked as an Administrative Clerk. She was honorably discharged in 2010 in order to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. She graduated from Pima Medical Institute, Chula Vista, CA in 2013 with an Associates of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. She became a Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT) in 2015. Darby is currently working on her Bachelor of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology with Hospital Management through St. Petersburg College.

Darby has a 5 year old son who she enjoys spending all of her free time with. They also have two pit bulls, Prince and Pauper, and an amazing cat named Thug Life. She also has an obsession with Starbucks and is great at making diaper cakes!