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Sick care services and quick diagnostics

Nothing is worse than the time spent worrying about your pet when they’re ill. Injuries, upset tummies, or eating the wrong thing — these things happen.

We’re here to make your pet feel better and return to their happy and carefree animal life. Our low-stress team uses state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to provide you with a fast and accurate treatment plan.

We can get rapid results with our in-house laboratory diagnostics. Our vet clinic also includes digital general radiology, digital dental radiology, and ultrasound to get urgently needed imaging results for a complete diagnosis.

Call us or one of the emergency facilities now, if you find your pet is experiencing the following:

  • Choking

  • Not eating

  • Very lethargic

  • Vomiting or diarrhea for more than 24 hours

  • Difficulties urinating or defecating

  • Blood in their stool, urine, or vomit

  • Bleeding heavily

  • Bleeding from their ears or nose

  • Seizures


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Signs of a pet emergency

Seek emergency veterinary assistance if your pet has:

  • Ingested a foreign body

  • Ingested a toxin

  • Fought with another dog, cat, or wild animal and has injuries as a result

  • Sustained blunt force injuries

  • Eye injuries

  • Started sitting with their forehead pressed to the wall

  • Suspected broken bones

  • Difficulties walking or standing up

  • Has collapsed

  • Has not had any food or water for more than 24 hours

  • Has been in labor for an hour or more without delivering any puppies or kittens

  • Shown signs of being in great pain

  • Shown signs of being confused or disoriented

  • Unusually warm ears and nose


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If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, they should be taken to a veterinarian immediately. We are capable of addressing and stabilizing emergency issues during business hours, but may need to transfer your pet to a facility with 24/7 care following initial stabilization depending on your pet’s problem.


Vet Emergeny



If your pet is experiencing an emergency after clinic hours we recommend one of several emergency & urgent care facilities:

Urgent Animal Care of ArlingtonOpen 10am-8pm M-F / 8am-6pm weekends
(703) 291-4746
Google Map →

EMMAvet – Open 3pm-11pm weekdays, 1pm-11pm weekends
Google Map →

VCA SouthPaws – Open 24/7
703-752-9100 (Route 50 just west of Gallows Road)
Google Map →

The Hope Center – Open 24/7
703-281-5121 (Park St. in Vienna)
Google Map →

Friendship Hospital for Animals – Open 24/7
Google Map →

Regional Veterinary Referral Center – Open 24/7
703-451-8900 (Near 395/495/95 intersection, Springfield)
Google Map →

Veterinary Emergency Group – Open 24/7
202-794-8002 (H Street, Washington DC)
Google Map →

Veterinary Emergency Group – Open 24/7
202-524-9199 (Georgetown, Washington DC)
Google Map →

Veterinary Emergency Group – Open 24/7
571-732-1005 (Falls Church/Tysons, Virginia)
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Top 10 most common pet medical conditions

Puppy Dog


Dog medical conditions

    • Skin allergies

    • Ear infections

    • Non-cancerous skin mass

    • Skin infection

    • Arthritis

    • Vomiting

    • Diarrhea

    • Periodontal or dental disease

    • Urinary tract infection

    • Soft tissue trauma

Kitten Cat


Cat medical conditions

    • Urinary tract infection

    • Periodontal or dental disease

    • Kidney disease

    • Thyroid disease

    • Vomiting

    • Diabetes

    • Diarrhea

    • Lymphoma

    • Upper respiratory infection

    • Skin allergies

Animal Care Vet Emergency Procedure

What our pet-loving clients say about us


““I recently switched to Clarendon Animal Care– they’re amazing. Even though I wasn’t a client, they got my sick cat in the day I called then called me daily to check on my sick cat afterwards. My vet, who’d been treating my cat, was aware the cat was sick, couldn’t get my cat in for 4 days.


This practice devotes attention to each client so they don’t feel like a number, but part of the family. And the vet and techs who have seen my cats (I have 5), have been very knowledgeable, professional and caring. The front office staff are wonderful, too.”


— Victoria Donovan | Google Review

“Just wow. We had an emergency with one of our kittens and called four places and the emergency vet and none could take us.
Clarendon Animal Care was so empathetic and agreed to take us at the end of the day. Every staff member-reception, techs, the vet—were so upbeat and friendly.”

— Emily Butler | Google Review

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