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The care your cat deserves

Our goal is to provide you with the care and information you need to give your cat a happy and long life. We help you get off to a great start with your new family member with both medical support and friendly advice you can practice at home.

Get your new kitten checked out on your first visit to our vet clinic. We’ll talk you through vaccinations, neutering, and microchipping to create a customized plan for your cat’s healthy life.



Helpful resources for welcoming your new cat

There are a plethora of resources available online with tips for introducing a pet into your home — some reliable, and some not-so-reliable. In addition to those listed on our nutrition and training pages, we highly recommended these sites below for diet, dental, vaccine and general cat information.



We recommend the guidelines of The World Small Animal Veterinary Association’s Global Nutrition Committee for selecting a pet food, though ultimately the decision is yours.

Questions to ask of the pet food company include:

  • Do you have a full-time veterinary nutritionist on staff?

  • Who formulates your food and what are their credentials?

  • Do you perform feeding trials based on AAFCO guidelines or formulated to meet AAFCO guidelines? (feeding trials are preferred)

  • Where are your foods manufactured and processed?

  • What specific quality control measures do you use to ensure the consistency of the product with each batch?

  • Can you provide a complete nutritional analysis for each food? (not just the guaranteed analysis, which is a minimum/maximum)

  • What kind of product research has been conducted? Is this published in a peer-reviewed journal?

Additional diet resources:

Foods to Avoid:

No matter the age cats can get into a lot of things around the home! Here are some things to watch out for:







8 Weeks 12 Weeks 16-24 Weeks
Fecal Test Fecal Test FELV/FIV Test
+/- Leukemia +/- Leukemia
Revolution Revolution Revolution

“Just wow. We had an emergency with one of our kittens and called four places and the emergency vet and none could take us.
Clarendon Animal Care was so empathetic and agreed to take us at the end of the day. Every staff member-reception, techs, the vet—were so upbeat and friendly.”

— Emily Butler | Google Review

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