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Pet care for a long and healthy life

Clarendon Animal Care is here to help you and your pet develop a strong and enduring bond over a long and healthy life. Protect your pet’s well being with our nose-to-tail checkup at least once a year.

We’ll take good care of your pet with a balanced approach to vaccinations, parasite prevention, weight management, dental health, spay and neutering, microchip pet identification, behavioral management, and regular screenings for diseases that afflict pets at various life stages.

We believe in quality animal health care, building lasting relationships with both our patients and their owners.


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We prioritize your pet’s emotional well being

Our team is fully trained in low-stress techniques and a FearFree approach that encourages cooperation and a calm atmosphere during your visit.

Wellness diagnostics

Digital radiographs (with radiologist interpretation), ECG (with cardiologist interpretation), FAST ultrasound scans, and blood pressure allow us to screen for and work up many conditions.

We also utilize local veterinary and numerous University labs to screen for common and uncommon diseases as part of our wellness and sick pet care. For urgent needs, we have an in-house, point-of-care laboratory.


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Cat Pet Vet Clinic

Pet Dental Health Cleaning

All-around dentistry service

Clean and healthy teeth are not just important for pet parents but also for their four-legged family members as well!

During our professional dental procedure services, we assess for any signs of dental disease like discolored teeth, periodontal pockets, bone and tooth root disease, and inflamed gums. All of our dental procedures get a full oral exam and digital dental x-rays to guide disease management.

Our dental procedures are done under general anesthesia while being monitored by our veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians with all the bells and whistles of anesthesia monitoring equipment.

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Therapeutic laser

We use the Summus Class IV Therapy Laser. It works on a specific wavelength of infrared and near-red light that improves oxygen delivery to the tissues, healing time, reduces pain, increases circulation, and decreases swelling.

We use the laser to help your cat or dog with their surgical incisions, wounds, lick granulomas, ear infections, arthritis, and many more conditions.



Pet Laser Therapy

Affiliated online pharmacy

Our hospital is here to offer you quick and convenient home delivery for your pet’s prescriptions.

We provide affordable and high-quality medications along with an Auto-Ship program so you can rest assured that your pet’s medicine is delivered on time, as soon as you need it. Learn more on our pharmacy & prescriptions page.



“Just wow. We had an emergency with one of our kittens and called four places and the emergency vet and none could take us.
Clarendon Animal Care was so empathetic and agreed to take us at the end of the day. Every staff member-reception, techs, the vet—were so upbeat and friendly.”

— Emily Butler | Google Review

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