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Request a prescription

We will do our best to fill in-house prescriptions within 1 business day and 5 business days for outside prescriptions.

Fill out the request form below for in-clinic prescription requests.

Please include your preferred contact information so we can contact you with questions and/or alert you when the prescription is ready.


In accordance with Virginia state law, Clarendon Animal Care is prohibited from allowing the return/refund of any prescription medication once it has left our facility. Additionally, all controlled substances are non-refundable once they have been prescribed; fees may still apply even if the medication is no longer requested or taken at the time of discharge.

We have an affiliated online pharmacy!


Our hospital is here to offer you quick and convenient home delivery for your pet’s prescriptions.

We provide affordable and high-quality medications along with an Auto-Ship program so you can rest assured that your pet’s medicine is delivered on time, as soon as you need it.

Our stock of in-store medicines include:

  • Prescription Drugs

  • Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Preventatives

  • Chronic Condition Medications

  • Nutrition Products

  • Specialty Pharmaceuticals



3rd party pharmacy requests


We do our best to have 3rd party pharmacy requests handled within 5 business days after being notified by the 3rd party pharmacy.


Though we are always happy to provide a written prescription for any medication that is prescribed or recommended by our office, we strongly consider it to be in the best interest of our clients to purchase their pet’s preventative medications (heartworm, flea, and tick medications) directly from a veterinarian or through a veterinary hospital-associated online pharmacy (we partner with the pet pharmacy Covetrus to offer this service) – these products are priced competitively with the large online pharmacies even when purchased from our shelves. While companies will always back their products if a safety or efficacy issue is involved, we are better able to advocate on behalf of our patients and their owners when the product has been purchased through us or our hospital-associated pharmacy. We are also much more easily able to track when a medication was purchased and shipped when it is purchased through these avenues.


Why do we recommend this?

Products ordered through 3rd party online pharmacies:

  • Might not come directly from the manufacturer

  • Might not be labeled properly

  • Could be handled incorrectly

  • Might not be short-dated

  • Could be counterfeit


The FDA has published a cautionary statement (AWARE) regarding products purchased from online pharmacies that recommend the following precautions:    

  • A – Always Ask your veterinarian for advice

  • W – Watch out for any suspicious red flags

  • A – Always check for site Accreditation
    The National Association of Board of Pharmacists has created a program to accredit veterinary pharmacies, called Veterinary-Verified Internet Pharmacy Practices Sites (Vet-VIPPS) 

  • R – Report any problems and suspicious pharmacies to the FDA or the NABP

  • E – Educate yourself about online pet pharmacies – for more information visit the FDA website


Outside prescription requests are processed by our office within five business days of receipt from the pharmacy, by faxing a prescription directly to them, or approving through an online portal. Rush requests may incur a processing fee.

If you prefer the convenience of ordering prescriptions online but want to make sure that the medicine you’re buying is from a trusted distributor then we can help. Our hospital-associated online pharmacy is completely accessible through this website so that you can keep your pets happy and healthy.

Ordering from a non-hospital associated pharmacy?




We process outside prescription requests within five business days of receiving the request from the pharmacy. We do this by faxing the prescription request directly to the pharmacy.  Faxing ensures the most accurate information is received by the pharmacy.  We will NOT authorize or verify prescriptions over the phone as this leads to errors with filling (we have seen some doozies!) and cannot be documented appropriately.

If a pharmacy is not equipped to handle faxed requests we are unable to communicate with them directly and a written prescription may be picked up from our office.  Some online pharmacies, especially pet-specific pharmacies such as Allivet, PetSmart, and Walmart Pet Pharmacies, have a difficult time correctly contacting our office and/or handing the approvals we submit to them, resulting in delays in obtaining the correct prescription.  

You have the option of picking up a hard copy of your pet’s prescription and mailing or physically bringing it to the pharmacy of your choice, or using a pharmacy that is not reliant on faxed/emailed prescriptions.  Medications may also be filled in-house at CAC, if it is a medication that we carry, and in many instances this will be the most expedient option.

There are several online pharmacies which have online portals facilitating receipt and approval of prescription requests – we highly recommend utilizing these if ordering your pet’s medications online:




For local human pharmacies, our recommendation is to physically take a prescription to the pharmacy to be filled.  Many human pharmacies may be thrown off by pet prescriptions.  As veterinarians, we are unfortunately unable to link to the electronic portals that human doctors can use to submit prescriptions to those pharmacies, so we are reliant upon their receipt and appropriate handling of our faxed requests.

Please contact us via the “Request a Prescription” form on our website if you would like to pick up a written hard copy of your pet’s prescription, and indicate which location you would like to pick it up from.  We legally cannot email prescriptions directly to clients, with the exception of food prescriptions.

If your pet is on a chronic medication that you purchase from an outside pharmacy, especially a human pharmacy, the most efficient way to ensure this is filled in a timely manner is to request the written prescriptions with adequate refills when you are in the office for a vet visit.

In the state of Virginia, controlled drug prescriptions may not be faxed to pharmacies.  In all cases an original-signature written prescription must be picked up from our offices.

“Just wow. We had an emergency with one of our kittens and called four places and the emergency vet and none could take us.
Clarendon Animal Care was so empathetic and agreed to take us at the end of the day. Every staff member-reception, techs, the vet—were so upbeat and friendly.”

— Emily Butler | Google Review

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