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Tanner Roberson

Tanner Roberson

Veterinary Receptionist Manager - SOUTH / CAC Leadership Team - Joined CAC September 2022

Tanner is originally from Augusta, Georgia and lived there most of his life! His family has always been involved in local animal rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming; as well as contribution to community clinics that also participate in these efforts. This means Tanner grew up around animals of all kinds, most often rescue pets in his own home, which his friends referred to as “the dog house,” which still remains accurate!

After graduating high school Tanner attended Georgia Southern University, then moved to Atlanta in 2021. Now he lives in D.C. with plans to continue his education and pursue further growth in the veterinary field with CAC!

In his free time you will find Tanner enjoying much needed retail therapy, spending quality time with friends, or at home watching movies with his partner and two kitties Jasper & Pickles.