Tips & resources for Traveling

Internationally with your pet

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Info for Clients Traveling Internationally with their Pets

Our goal is to make your upcoming trip as seamless as possible.  This is easier for travel to some countries than others.  Because Rabies is found in the US, the most labor and time-intensive travel is to Rabies-free countries/states such as Hawaii, Australia, and The UK.  The process typically needs to start 6-12 months ahead of time in order for your pet to be able to leave on-time with you.

For the majority of countries, the health certificate will need to be endorsed by the USDA State Veterinarian in Richmond, VA (in person) or Albany, NY (by mail).  If going to Richmond in-person, an appointment must be made with them ahead of time.  Alternatively (and the preferred method), the certificate may be over-nighted along with a copy of the Rabies certificate and a return self-addressed & pre-paid envelope to their office, along with a check to cover certificate endorsement (the fees are based on number of animals & number of certificates as well as complexity of certificate - please read "USDA guidance for international travel of dogs & cats" below).

  • The preferred method for USDA Endorsement is to send health certificates, supporting documents and payment to the Service Center headquarters in Albany, NY using overnight shipping.
    • USDA, APHIS, VS – Exports 500 New Karner Road 2nd Floor, Albany, NY 12205
    • Certificates are generally processed and returned the day they are received if there are no serious errors/omissions or other problems.
  • Limited in-person endorsements will continue to be offered in the Richmond, VA office:
    • USDA, APHIS, VS - Richmond office:  FEDERAL BLDG 400 N. 8TH ST., STE. 726 RICHMOND, VA 23219
    • 804-343-2567

usda guidance for international travel of dogs & cats

USDA guidance for dogs & cats going to eu member states

USDA pet export checklist  

Every country has different requirements and every airline has different requirements. Please check with the embassy of your travel destination as well as the airline you are travelling on to make sure you have everything you need together. Many countries require your pet is micro-chipped as well - this is a service we can provide at Clarendon Animal Care. Please note that for some countries this microchip must be in place PRIOR to rabies vaccination.

Please let us know at your final appointment if you would like us to suspend email reminders while you are abroad, or if you’d prefer to continue to receive them as a reminder of what services are due for your pet.

We typically recommend continuing heartworm preventative year-round even while abroad, as this is also a monthly de-wormer - though heartworm disease may not be prevalent where you are traveling to, intestinal parasites such as roundworms and hookworms often are! 

Good luck with your upcoming move/travels!